AA Clinical Lift 50+ Night Cream Nourishment and Strengthening 50ml

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Oceanic AA Clinical Lift 50+ is an innovative facial care program based on the unique technology of the three-dimensional polysaccharide matrix, into which macromolecules of hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen have been precisely packed.

They form a bioabsorbable compact support mesh that instantly tightens and smooths the skin surface, and in its deeper layers produces a reinforcing “scaffolding” around which collagen synthesis increases.

Effect: A firmer, smoother skin, wrinkles less visible. Harmonious facial proportions restored, face contour lifted and filled.

Dermatologically tested on people with skin allergies. With hypoallergenic fragrance composition.

No colour additives. Paraben free. Skin neutral pH.

Capacity: 50ml

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