Bielenda Professional Energizing Oxygenating Face Treatment Set - Ginseng Q10 Minerals

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Skin Breath Energising and Oxygenating Treatment

Every skin type and especially: dull and anoxic skin, smoker’s skin, ashen skin, wrinkles, lack of skin firmness, dry skin, skin affected with premature ageing and oxidative stress, puffy eyes and dark circles, sensitive skin, excessively tanned skin.


The set contains:

 1. Bubble peel mask 45g

 2. Energizing and Nourishing Face concentrate  30ml

 3. Oxygenating peel off Algae Mask with marine minerals 80g

4. Energizing Oxygenating Face Cream 50 ml

5. Energizing Caffeine Eye Cream 15 ml

6. Shaker

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