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Bielenda Professional Reti Power2 VC Advanced Exfoliating Treatment with Retinol and Vit C

Professional Use Only

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Bielenda Professional Advanced Exfoliating Treatment with Retinol and Vitamin C is designed for every type of skin, especially mature, affected by discolouration and acne.


  • 5 x 5 ml Reti Power2 Mask
  • 5 x 1g Reti Power 2 Vitamin C -Ampule with stable powdered vitamin C
  • 1x Syringe
  • 5x Consent form to perform the treatment

Bielenda Professional Reti-Power2 VC Advanced Exfoliating Treatment With Retinol And Vitamin C - express, advanced exfoliating treatment that combines the action of vitamin C contained in the ampoule and retinol mask.

Retinol Mask is dosed in single sachets ready for a one-time application.

The ampoules contain but pure, powdered form of ascorbic acid, which is prepared immediately prior to application.

• smooth skin,
• reduced imperfections,
• reduced inflammatory lesions,
• increased skin elasticity and firmness,
• shaping face oval,
• lightened discolourations,
• reduced visibility of post-inflammatory marks and minor scars,
• improved skin colour


The treatment is to be performed in series 1-6, every 3-4 weeks, depending on skin reaction. The Specialist performing the treatment shall decide about the number of procedures in a series.

• pregnancy, breast-feeding
• allergies to any ingredient contained in the formulations used in the treatment
• active herpes
• tendency to develop keloids
• bacterial, viral, fungal, and autoimmune diseases of the skin
• severe forms of acne
• use of retinoids or recent use of retinoids (up to 6 months)
• recent (up to 6 months) surgery within the treated area
• recent (up to 6 months) cryotherapy treatment
• numerous melanocytic nerves
• numerous dilated blood vessels
• severe systemic diseases
• freshly tanned skin
• sun exposure
• damage and irritation of the skin
• thinning of the epidermis
• freshly shaved / depilated skin
The effects are visible just after one treatment.

Proposed schema of the treatment

1. Thoroughly remove make-up around the treatment area using Bielenda Professional preparations tailored to the client’s skin type.

2. Carefully degrease the skin by smearing the area to be treated with a dust-free swab or a pad saturated with Pre Peel Spray.

3. Using the enclosed syringe, measure 5 ml still mineral water and add it to the ampule with the powdered ascorbic acid Reti-Power2 Vitamin C. Shake vigorously until the powder has completely dissolved. Apply half of the Reti-Power2 Vitamin C ampule onto the skin, and carefully massage until absorbed. DO NOT WASH! (The contents of the ampule and the mask is sufficient for the treatment for the face, neck

4. Place the contents of the Reti Power Mask sachet onto the skin to be treated, massage and leave until absorbed. DO NOT WASH! (Caution! Before you put the mask on, the skin area must be dry; apply the mask in disposable gloves

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Manufacturer Bielenda Professional
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Expiry Date 28/08/2025
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