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Charmine Rose P55 Podo Foot Liquid with 20% Propolis 25ml

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Liquid with 20% propolis supports regeneration, protect the skin and has antimicrobial, keratolytic, softening and healing effect.

Intended for:

• helpful in the preparation of calluses, corns, calluses, warts (warts), overgrown nail plate

• impregnation of dressings

• antifungal and antibacterial prophylaxis

• as an aid in the case of nail shaft tamponades

• impregnation of abrasions, cracks and skin fissures

• irritation of the synovial bursa

• inflammation of the nail folds

• diabetic foot


• has an antimicrobial effect

• supports the natural protective functions

• supports the regeneration process

• accelerates the healing of wounds, cracks, abrasions and skin fissures

• softens calluses of the skin and nails, which facilitates their processing with a cutter, scalpel, chisel, etc.

• softens and tones the cuticles at the nail fold of ingrown nails

• reduces itching

• impregnates dressings and wounds (the solution is impermeable to water but allows air to pass through)

• reduces inflammation

Active ingredients:

• Propolis


The fluid should be used in specialized foot care. A small amount of the preparation should be applied pointwise, directly on the surface of the skin or nails. It should be used, incl. down: - protection of wounds, abrasions and crevices against moisture and contamination - softening of calluses (warts, corns, calluses) to facilitate their removal using a milling machine, scalpel, chisel, etc. - tamponades to reduce inflammation and soften the nail folds of ingrown nails - impregnation of dressings, the liquid is impervious to water and air permeable - developing thickened nails - relieving itching, e.g. with excessive sweating of the feet

Capacity: 25ml

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