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Clarena Acid Anti Acne 50% Bioactive Serum 10x3ml

Professional Use Only

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Clarena Acid Anti Acne 50% serum with pyruvic, lactobionic and salicylic acid  is recommended for acne, greasy, seborrhoeic skin types.

Ph: 2

Capacity: 10x3ml

Salicylic acid intensely exfoliates the keratinised epidermis, thus stimulating its regeneration and along with  pyruvic acid it combats main causes of acne:

* cleanses skin pores,

* unblocks sebaceous glands

* stops the reproduction of P. Acnes .

Additionally, pyruvic acid smooths out  the scars left after acne and lightens the discolourations.

The presence of lactobionic acid means that the serum is also good for mature skin types – it prevents the creation of wrinkles, teleangiectasias, skin laxity.

At the same time it strongly binds the water in the epidermis and form a “film” on its surface, which protects it against the negative impact of environmental factors.

As a result, with each application the skin becomes more smooth, fresh and clean. 


adapt the skin before the treatment with Pre Peel Cleanser. 

Apply the serum with a brush, leave for 3 minutes; afterwards rub with neutralising lotion and then wash with plenty of water. Photoprotection recommended!

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