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Farmona Professional DermaCos Active Strengthening Vessels Concentrate 10x5ml

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Dermacos soothing treatment for capillary and sensitive skin.

A specialist and exceptionally gentle treatment designed for capillary skin with visible telangiectasia, sensitive, redness-prone and irritated.

Thanks to properly selected active ingredients, the treatment restores the skin immediate relief as well as soothes, brings back the harmony and feeling of comfort.

Recommended number of treatments: series of 10 treatments, 1-2 times a week or as a one-time treatment in order to soothe irritations, for instance: after microdermabrasion treatment.

Capacity: 10x5ml


capillary, sensitive and delicate skin, prone to irritations, rosacea-prone skin, irritated and redness-prone skin, susceptible to external environmental factors (temperature changes, freeze, wind).

Post-treatment effects: shrinking of capillaries, skin tone improvement, protection against harmful influence of external factors.

Effects after multiple treatments:

strengthened and sealed blood vessels, reduced the tendency to capillaries breaking and telangiectasia occurring, increased immunoprotection of the skin.

Active Ingredients:

Pronalen Anti- Fatigue HSC - a breakthrough capillaries strengthening system, being a combination of ruscus extract, black blueberry and lemon. Stimulates microcirculation, increases the resistance and tightness of blood vessels.

Anticouperose System - synergic combination of chestnut tree extract, American witch-hazel and aronia. Streamlines blood circulation and reinforces walls of capillaries, decreases hyperirritability and reactivity of skin to external factors, reduces swelling.

Micro-Spheres With Troxerutin - bioflavonoid of natural origin that decreases the permeability, improves elasticity of minor blood vessels as well as prevents its cracking.

Septicalm™VG - lipoamino acid combined with water lily extract, possesses soothing properties, protects DNA cells against the influence of UV rays.

Treatment Steps

1. Thoroughly remove make-up from eyes and lips using Pure Icon N Two-phase make-up remover. Purify the face, neck and chest with Pure Icon Facial make-up remover milk and next tone the skin with Pure Icon Soothing toner.

2. Apply Pure Icon Enzymatic peeling and leave for 10-15 minutes. Next rinse the products with warm-damp cotton pad, tone the skin and dry.

3. Spread evenly the content of vial with Dermacos Active strengthening blood vessels concentrate all over treated skin. Apply Technology Ultrasound gel and perform sonophoresis treatment for about 10 minutes. After this time remove excess mask using damp cotton pad. Tone the skin and dry.

4. The treatment may be performed without using ultrasounds. Spread evenly the content of vial with concentrate all over treated skin and leave to absorb (for about 10 minutes). 5. Perform a gentle massage using Dermacos Soothing facial massage cream. Tone the skin and dry.

6. On the treated skin apply a thin layer of Dermacos Soothing- -strengthening mask.

7. Prepare Algae Mask Soothing algae mask according to instruction on the package. Apply as quick as it possible and leave for 20-30 minutes.

8. Remove the mask entirely. 9. At the end of the treatment apply Dermacos Capillary strengthening cream.

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