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Farmona Professional Guarana Slim Anti Cellulite Body Butter 500ml

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Aromatic anti-cellulite treatment with captivating scent of juicy tropical fruits.

Recommended for persons struggling with cellulite and excessive amount of fat tissue, who want to improve their silhouette and increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Carefully selected active ingredients accelerate lipolysis and micro-circulation in skin, supporting removal of toxins from the body.

Recommended number of treatments: as a one-time care treatment or in a series of treatments, depending on individual needs and/ or skin condition.

Capacity: 500ml

Indications: Anti-cellulite treatment, water and/ or fat cellulite, excessive fat tissue, skin requiring detoxification.


Reinforcement of skin structure, improvement of firmness and flexibility, softening, smoothing and hydration of skin, cellulite reduction, visible improvement in skin appearance and condition.

Active Ingredients:

 L-Carnitine- well-known ingredient with anti-cellulite properties. Increases cellular metabolism, preventing growth of adipocytes. It is indispensable for a proper metabolism of lipids, causing transformation of fatty acids into energy.

Guarana Extract - extract from a plant known for its energising and metabolism-stimulating properties, resulting from a high share of guarana and alkaloids, theobromine and theophylline, adenine, terpenes, tannins, starch, fats, flavonoids and saponins which have synergistic effect with respect to caffeine. These ingredients provide guarana with thermogenic properties, leading to lipolysis stimulation, causing disintegration of fat to products metabolised in tissue. Guarana prevents lipogenesis, i.e. the process of renewed accumulation of fat in adipocytes.

Ginger Extract - stimulates circulation, accelerates removal of toxins, supports fight with cellulite.


Apply small amount of butter on skin, massage until fully absorbed.

Treatment Steps

1. Apply anti-cellulite scrub on entire body or body parts subjected to treatment. Perform brief massage with circular movements. Start the massage from feet and move upwards. Rinse the preparation with warm water under shower or remove with a warm and moist cosmetic compress. Dry the skin. Intensity of peeling may be regulated by the strength of massage.

2. Apply a layer of mask on cleansed and dry skin. Wrap the body in foil. A thermal blanket may be used, or a SPA capsule. Leave for approx. 20 – 30 minutes.

3. Rinse excess preparation under shower or remove with moist compresses.

4. Perform firming body massage with elements of lymphatic drainage with the use of massage oil.

5. After the end of massage, wipe the skin with a moist compress and dry it.

6. At the end of the treatment, massage anti-cellulite body butter on skin.

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