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NeoNail Cuticle Pusher 3C Double Sided

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NeoNail Cuticle Pusher 3C -a metal pusher is used for precise removal of cuticle and gel polish.

It has two different ends- the contorted part is used for lateral removal of cuticles from the nails, the other for pushing the cuticles inside.

The contoured handle simplifies the work and is responsible for comfort as well as precision and comfort.

Made of stainless steel, can be sterilized and disinfected, easy to clean.

Principles of proper cleaning:

- All tools must be thoroughly cleaned before and immediately after use,
- Regular greasing will maintain their effectiveness,
- Prolonged contact with water can damage the tools and impair their efficiency,
- Dulling and damage caused by dropping, may result in lowering their lifetime,
- Treatments with hard nails and skins will weaken the tools, which is a normal phenomenon
- All accessories, manicure and pedicure devices have their specific lifespan and will only work properly until then,
sterilization and disinfection will gradually reduce the efficiency of the blades and the quality of steel in the tools

Proper storage:

All properly cleaned, disinfected and dried tools must be stored in a dry and clean place.

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