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NeoNail First Choice 3 Steps UV Gel Polish Starter Set

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NeoNail First Choice Starter Set is an ideal hybrid set for beginners.

Are you looking for the perfect hybrid manicure set that will help you create a perfect nail stylization?

Or maybe you want to give a loved one a gift that they will surely be happy about?

Choose First Choice Starter Set. There you will find all the necessary products and accessories that are used when performing durable nail styling

The kit includes:

Sexy Red Hybrid Varnish 7.2 ml - the perfect shade of red that will perfectly match any complexion. A similar colour can be found in the NeoNail range, i.e. Fiery Flamenco, but Sexy Red is brighter and more expressive

Base / Top 2in1 - base and top in one bottle. You do not have to wonder which product to apply under and which to the coloured varnish - just apply Base / Top 2in1 in the form of a base and a top and it's ready!

ECO 10W / 36 LED lamp - it will cure each layer of the product on your nails in a few moments. Perfect for beginners as it is light, small and easy to handle

Nail Cleaner 50 ml - a degreaser for washing nails, which is necessary when performing styling

Acetone, or Remover 50 ml - a product for removing hybrid manicure

Curved polisher 100/180 - use it to matt your nails before applying the base

Wooden sticks - perfect for removing cuticles or removing styling from nails

Which hybrid kit is perfect for beginners? Definitely NeoNail First Choice Starter Set

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