We will match beat the online prices of our competitors!

To request a price match, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please include a link to the relevant competitors website page which shows the product and price that you want us to match and which meets all our criteria listed below.

We will verify your request and match the price by sending you a discount code, which you can then use in your shopping cart to continue the purchase or use it with your future shopping.

Price match criteria:

  1. We'll beat the price of UK based competitors.
  2. We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock availability via online means.
  3. The competitor’s product must be brand new, identical to the one sold by us, in stock ready for delivery and offered on the same terms.
  4. We must have stock availability.
  5. We’ll beat the price of a product; not delivery charges or other services such as samples or gifts with purchase.
  6. Price match cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If you have already purchased a product from our website, we will offer a price match up to 24 hours after purchase. The post purchase price match will be offered via gift voucher.