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Radical Med Micro Needle Mesotherapy Stimulating New Hair Growth 12x3 ml ampoules

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Hair loss and thinning, alopecia are a very common problem. It can be caused by stress, inadequate diet, past diseases, improper hair care, and androgenetic alopecia. Noticeable results after just one treatment.

As the number of treatments increases, the thickness and volume of the hair.

Recommended series of treatments every minimum 7 days.

Mezoroller massage is recommended especially in the case of severe baldness and very rare, thin and slow growing hair.

Capacity: 12x3ml ampoule + meso roller


Microneedle mesotherapy is a professional treatment for women and men for easy application at home.

By micro-puncturing the epidermis, hundreds of micro canals are formed, through which the active substances contained in the concentrate reach the hair roots directly, thus stimulating them and stimulating the growth of new hair.

The highly concentrated super-formula with the TRICHOactive and PROCAPILTM biocomplex in combination with micro-piercing allows you to achieve faster hair growth in a short time, reduce the effects of baldness and inhibit hair loss and thinning.


* stimulates hair bulbs for intensive work, activates new hair growth

* nourishes and oxygenates hair bulbs, strengthening its anchoring in the scalp

* regenerates and strengthens the hair, effectively reducing its falling out and thinning

* extends the life cycle of the hair

* visibly and quickly makes hair denser

* improves hair conditions, restoring its thickness and volume

Visible results already after first use!

Active Ingredients:

TRICHOactive biocomplex - a unique trichogenic hair anchoring complex, strengthens the hair root matrix, accelerates the regrowth of strong hair, reduces hair loss and thinning, improves the condition and appearance of hair and scalp.

ProcapilTM - an innovative component strengthens hair anchorage and enhances their growth, slows down androgenic alopecia and strengthens blood circulation in intercellular spaces. It works anti-aging on hair roots.

Caffeine - stimulates hair roots by activating hair growth, strengthens and improves their condition.

Aloe - soothes and soothes irritations, stimulates skin cells for faster regeneration.


Subsequent treatments increase the thickness and volume of hair.

Recommended series of treatments: every 7 days.

Massage using meso roller is recommended especially in case of intense alopecia amd very thin hair that grows slowly.

Contraindications: eczema, psoriasis, blood coagulation disorders, immune disorders, mycosis, open wounds, keloids, diabetes, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, erosions, birthmarks, skin cancer, cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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