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Radical Med Shampoo For Men With Bio Complex and Pro Mineral 300ml

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Men's shampoo was created specifically for men's hair and scalp. A unique recipe based on natural ingredients with a vitamin complex effectively regenerates, nourishes and improves the vitality of hair and skin.

Capacity: 300ml


* the shampoo thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the scalp and hair,

* clearly strengthens and improves the nutrition of the bulbs,

* reducing the tendency to hair loss and thinning,

* improves micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin,

* leaving healthier and thicker hair,

* regulates sebaceous glands, preventing greasy hair ,

* keeps the scalp in good condition and prevents dandruff,

* makes the hair better styled, b

* hair become strong, velvety smooth and shiny.

Active Ingredients:

active biocomplex improving the condition and appearance of hair Pro-mineral accelerator 4H, a complex of plant extracts, arginine, vitamin PP, biotin, octopirox, inutec- provides a strong multilevel effect, restoring a beautiful and healthy hair appearance.

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