You Sell - We Ship. Let Us Do The Hard Work


Are you a busy salon owner or retailer who is facing problems like:

Can't afford to stock £1000's worth of products?

Don't have space to store 100's of perishable skincare items?

Can't offer broad range of products?

Don't have time to pack orders for your customers?

Don't want to queue at the Post Office?

Have branded catalogues but you dont have the products at hand?


Let us do all the hard work with our NEW Premium Unbranded Box Delivery


How Does It Work?

It is simple...


 Place order with desired items and YOUR customer's delivery address

Choose Unbranded Box delivery method

Click "place order", sit back and relax because your job is done!


I placed the order- what happens next?

We are going to fulfil your order!


Pick each item and scan barcodes to make sure correct products are being processed.

Pack items in plain brown cardboard box with all of the Clamanti branding removed. It means no branded sellotape, boxes, invoices, promotional leaflets or anything to suggest the parcel was sent by Clamanti.

While packing we will scan every single product again to be 100% sure that correct items and quantities are being sent.

Shipping labels will not have Clamanti return address present.

Your orders will be dispatched on the same business day, Monday to Friday if placed before 3PM.


With Unbranded Box fulfilment you can outsource part or all of your orders to us. Now you can:

Offer 3000 products to your buyers

Free up your funds by letting us to purchase and store products

Save time by not having to pack orders and queue at the Post Office

Save on buying packaging

Stop worrying about expiry dates

Save money on lost or damaged shipments





1. Is Unbranded Box delivery tracked?

Yes. Orders are dispatched only by fully tracked service. You will be provided with tracking number as soon as the order is dispatched.


2. Am I covered for loss or damage of my parcel?

Yes. Shipments are fully insured against loss and damage.


3. Is there a minimum order value to be eligible for Unbranded Box delivery?

No. You can place order of any value.


4. Will I be eligible to collect reward points for orders with Unbranded Box delivery?

Yes. This shipping method has no bearing on how reward points are awarded for your orders.


5. Will I have to pay higher product prices or fees to avail of Unbranded delivery.

No. You will be charged the same price that you normally pay. Even if you hold a trade account, your price discounts will be applied. The are no fees to be paid either.


6. Can I provide my clients phone number so he or she is contacted by courier?

No, this is not advised due to our system limitations. At this moment in time we are unable to remove Clamanti branding from text messages. If you provide your clients phone number he or she will receive a text message fro carrier that says: "Clamanti cosmetics parcel is on the way".


7.Can I provide my buyer with tracking details? I am worried this will give my supplier away?

Yes. Parcels can be tracked on-line and there will be no information displayed who the sender is.


8. Can I use parcel tracking numbers to confirm shipping with eBay or Amazon?

Yes. We use reputable, well recognised delivery companies.


9. I placed the order and my customer asks to add more items after the fact. Can I add more items and pay the difference over the phone or payment link.

No. To keep our operations efficient, orders that are paid for are being sent to dispatching warehouse within seconds. You need to place another order and cover the postage for additional times. If our system detects multiple orders it will merge them into one. In this case we will refund you the excess postage.


10. I placed an order and I want to remove some of the items. Can I have the refund?

Yes. If the order has not been processed yet it can have items removed.

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