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Apis Hello Summer Waterproof SPF 30 Face Sunscreen with Cellular Nectar 50ml

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Is this the product for you?

1. Are you looking for a light face sunscreen.

2. You care about high sun protection.

3. You want the cream to additionally nourish and moisturize.


Intended for: All skin types.

Velvety cream with a light and quickly absorbing modern formula provide effective protection for your skin.

Enriched with microencapsulated and mineral UVA / UVB (SPF 50) filters, which provide a wide spectrum of very high protection, preventing damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation.

Enriched with cell nectar from Lithops pseudotruncatella stem cells, which increases the synthesis of vitamin D in the skin.

Additionally, the included oils: argan, monoi, raspberry and carotene intensively moisturize, regenerate and nourish your skin.

Active ingredients:

Cell nectar - is obtained from the stem cells of the Lithops pseudotruncatella plant, commonly known as "living stones". The effect of the raw material is to increase the level of vitamin D by improving the "microenvironmental" conditions for its synthesis. Increase in vitamin concentration D results in improved skin hydration, firmness, microcirculation and colour, as well as skin radiance.

Carotene - an antioxidant, takes part in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen species. It inhibits skin ageing processes caused by e.g. UV radiation. Improves skin tone.

Argan oil - counteracts skin aging processes, improves elasticity, firmness revitalizes - supports cell renewal. It regenerates the epidermis, protects against the harmful effects of sunlight and soothes irritation and redness after too long sunbathing.

Monoi oil - wonderfully moisturizes and nourishes the skin, soothes overly irritated and itchy skin.

Raspberry seed oil - known for its anti-inflammatory properties.


1. Apply the cream evenly on the skin of the face and neck

2. Leave to absorb. In order to maintain effective protection, repeat the activity regularly every 2-3 hours.

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Capacity: 50ml


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