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Apis Home Terapis DepiQ Pro System Depigmentic Night Cream-Mask with 1% Alfa Arbutin 50ml

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Cream-Mask is a powerful night treatment designed to provide intense depigmenting effects during the skin's natural regeneration process.

This innovative formula is enriched with a potent combination of active ingredients, including 1% α-arbutin and a complex of six proven brightening agents.

By effectively blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis, this cream-mask works tirelessly to prevent hyperpigmentation and unveil a brighter, more even-toned complexion when you wake up.



Cream-Mask is recommended for individuals with all skin types who are prone to hormonal, sun-related, and post-inflammatory discolorations.

It is especially beneficial for those affected by photoaging, where years of sun exposure may have caused skin discolorations and uneven pigmentation.

Incorporate this cream-mask into your skincare routine to wake up to a brighter, more even-toned complexion and combat the effects of hyperpigmentation.

Contraindications: allergy to any of the product ingredients.


Key Ingredients:

1% α-Arbutin: α-arbutin is a skin-lightening compound that inhibits the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloration. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Complex of 6 Active Brightening Ingredients: This unique blend comprises six active compounds with established brightening properties, working synergistically to target various aspects of hyperpigmentation.


Advantages for Your Skin:

1. Intense Depigmentation: Our Cream-Mask provides an intense depigmenting effect, assisting in the reduction of dark spots, discolorations, and uneven skin tone.

2. Prevents Hyperpigmentation: By effectively blocking the synthesis of epidermal melanin, this cream-mask serves as a preventive measure against hyperpigmentation caused by various factors such as hormonal changes, sun exposure, and post-inflammatory responses.

3. Multidimensional Brightening: The combined action of 1% α-arbutin and the complex of six active ingredients offers a multidimensional approach to brightening your skin. This comprehensive approach addresses different causes of discoloration for more effective results.

4. Suitable for Various Skin Types: Our Cream-Mask is suitable for all skin types prone to hormonal, sun-related, and post-inflammatory discolorations. Whether you're dealing with issues related to photoaging or hyperpigmentation, this product is designed to help you achieve a more radiant complexion.

5. Enhances Nighttime Regeneration: Nighttime is when your skin regenerates and repairs itself. By applying the cream-mask before bedtime, you harness the skin's natural renewal process to achieve optimal results.



Spread the cream-mask evenly on the face, neck and cleavage. Leave to absorb overnight. For best results, use daily with UV protection and the Home Therapis Depigmenting booster.

Capacity: 50ml

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