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Bielenda Professional 2in1 Enzymatic Fine Grain Scrub with Papain and Bromelain 150g

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Discover the revitalizing power of our 2-in-1 Enzymatic Fine Grain Scrub, meticulously crafted for individuals with sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin. This product merges the efficiency of two exfoliation methods: enzymatic and mechanical, to deliver an optimal skin cleansing experience.


Key Features:

Dual Exfoliation: Harness the gentle yet powerful combination of enzymatic agents that break down dead skin cells, along with finely milled grains that provide a soft abrasive action. This dual action ensures a thorough exfoliation without stressing the skin.

Targeted Removal: Efficiently eliminates epidermal cells, which are often responsible for a dull and aged appearance. By removing these cells, your skin is rejuvenated, revealing its true potential.

Treatment Preparation: Our scrub doesn’t just cleanse; it prepares your skin to absorb and benefit more from subsequent skincare treatments. With better absorption, your skincare products can work at their maximum efficacy.

Regeneration: Infused with ingredients that promote skin healing, our scrub ensures that post-exfoliation, your skin is not only clean but also regenerated, aiding in the natural renewal process.

Radiance Boost: Say goodbye to tired-looking skin! Regular use will leave your skin looking radiant, refreshed, and reinvigorated. Experience a noticeable glow and improved skin texture.

Silky Soft Finish: The luxurious formula ensures that with each use, your skin transforms, becoming as smooth as silk. Enjoy the touchable softness and improved texture.

Active Ingredients:

1. Papain:

Derived from the papaya fruit. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme, which means it can break down proteins. In skincare, this enzymatic action helps dissolve and remove dead skin cells without abrasion, making it particularly suitable for sensitive skin types.

Additional Benefits:

Skin Brightening: By removing dead skin cells, papain aids in revealing the brighter, newer skin underneath.

Anti-inflammatory: Papain has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin.

Improves Skin Texture: Regular use can lead to smoother and more refined skin texture.


2. Bromelain: 

Extracted from the stem, fruit, and juice of pineapples. Like papain, bromelain is also a proteolytic enzyme. It assists in exfoliating the skin gently, breaking down the proteins that hold dead skin cells together.

Additional Benefits:

Reduces Inflammation: Known to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, bromelain can help reduce skin redness and inflammation.

Promotes Healing: It has been studied for its potential to accelerate wound healing and reduce scarring.

3. Urea: Urea is an organic compound naturally found in the human body, primarily in urine. The urea in skincare products is synthetically produced for purity and safety. Acts as a potent humectant, drawing moisture into the skin and helping to retain it.

Additional Benefits:

Exfoliation: At higher concentrations, urea can also act as a gentle exfoliant, helping to shed dead skin cells.

Barrier Repair: It aids in strengthening the skin's natural barrier function, keeping harmful environmental factors out and locking moisture in.

Softening: Particularly beneficial for dry and rough skin, urea can help soften the skin, making it feel smooth and supple.

4. Avocado Oil: 

Pressed from the pulp of the avocado fruit. Renowned for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Additional Benefits:

Rich in Vitamins and Fatty Acids: Avocado oil is abundant in vitamins A, D, and E, and omega fatty acids, which nourish and moisturize the skin deeply.

Collagen Production: The oil may aid in boosting collagen production, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Antioxidant Protection: Contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, delaying signs of aging.

Calming Effect: With its anti-inflammatory properties, avocado oil can help soothe irritated or sensitive skin.


Together, these active ingredients work synergistically in the scrub, offering a combination of gentle exfoliation, deep hydration, and skin nourishment, ensuring radiant, refreshed, and silky-soft skin.



Apply scrub onto clean and dry skin ( except for the eye area). gently massage with circular movements for about 5 minutes. Leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Tone the skin, apply serum, mask and face cream appropriate to the skin type.

Capacity: 150g

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