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Bielenda Professional Barrier Skin Therapy Repairing Soothing Mask with Multi-Ceramide Complex & Vitamin B12 150ml

Professional Use Only

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Repairing Soothing Mask is a specialized care product designed to intensively soothe and regenerate skin that requires special care. Its main purpose is to moisturize, calm irritations and rebuild the skin's natural protective barrier.

The key ingredients are bioactive ceramides, phospholipids and hydrobiotics that support the health and immunity of the skin.


Intended use: mature skin with signs of aging, atopic dermatitis, care for rosacea and inflammatory acne, ultrasensitive skin, red, irritated (e.g. by aggressive anti-acne therapies), dysfunctional, very dry, disturbed hydrolipid barrier, overactive, delicate, dry, dehydrated, weakened skin barrier, flaky, contaminated, after cosmetic microneedle, needle-free, oxygen mesotherapy, RF, exfoliation with chemical peels.


Intensive hydration -  The mask provides long-lasting hydration and reconstruction of the hydrolipid protective layer.

Supporting the microbiome  - Restores and maintains the balance of the skin microbiome, ensuring its healthy appearance.

Protection and regeneration - The contained ingredients have a pro-immune effect, increasing the skin's natural immunity.

Soothing irritations -  Perfect after aggressive anti-acne therapies and other intensive treatments.

Glass Skin Effect -  It provides the skin with smoothness and shine, known as the glass skin effect. ​

Supportive therapy  - Can be used in combination with ultrasound and color therapy to enhance the effects.


Active ingredients:

Multicomplex of bioactive ceramides (NS, AP, EOP, NP) - strengthens the skin structure and restores the protective function of the epidermal barrier,

Phospholipids - help maintain proper skin hydration and elasticity,

Hydrobiotic - rebuilds skin microflora, supporting its immunity,

Complex of vitamin B12 and amino acids - nourishes the skin, contributes to its regeneration and improves color,

Cica (Centella Asiatica) - known for its regenerating and soothing properties,

Ectoine - protects skin cells against harmful external factors and environmental stresses.



Apply the mask to the treatment area, leave to absorb, do not wash off.

Capacity: 150ml

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Professional Only Yes
Manufacturer Bielenda Professional
Product Line Barrier Skin Therapy
SKU 5902169054113
Expiry Date 28/09/2026
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