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Charmine Rose Professional Biopeeling 100ml

Professional Use Only

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Biological Peeling is a carefully selected sequence of enzymes: papain and Bacillus Ferment dissolves dead epidermis, moisturises, brightens and supports skin regeneration.

Recommended for skin hypersensitive to chemical peels.

Intended for:

• all skin types

• grey skin, devoid of radiance

• smoker's complexion

• skin in need of regeneration, difficult to heal


• proteolytic effect on fibrillar and globular proteins

• illumination and smoothing of the skin

• nourishment and hydration of the skin

• acceleration of regeneration

• slight tightening effect

Active ingredients:

• Bacillus Ferment

• papain • squalane

• glycerin

Papain is an enzyme obtained from papaya fruit. It softens the stratum corneum. It is used in enzyme peels. In cosmetics, it is used for the production of anti-cellulite creams.

This enzyme soothes and gently peels the epidermis, acting only on its surface, without penetrating the skin, therefore it does not cause irritation and is suitable even for the most sensitive and couperose skin that does not tolerate exfoliating acids or mechanical peels.

Bacillus Ferment-These enzymes are safe, effective and non-irritating exfoliants. They work at a pH much higher than AHA or BHA acids (range of action pH = 5-8). They are a milder and more effective alternative to alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), in contrast to them, they have the ability to penetrate the sebum layer and penetrate deep into the pores.

The action of Bacillus Ferment also improves the condition of the bacterial flora of the skin. Thanks to the adaptation of microorganisms to the secretion of substances that inhibit the development of competing microbes.

The addition of Bacillus Ferment to the cosmetic stabilizes the microflora, reducing the number of bacteria that can cause disease and those responsible for the formation of inflammation and the formation of comedones (eg Propionibacterium acnes).

Cosmetics containing Bacillus Ferment strengthen the outer layer of the epidermis, creating a natural protective coat, keeping the skin moisturised and nourished.

Peelings based on Bacillus Ferment and Papain are widely used in cosmetology. They can be used as a non-irritating softening peeling, preparing the skin before microneedle mesotherapy or during less invasive anti-ageing treatments (e.g. AGE REVERSE treatment by Charmine Rose®) as an alternative to chemical peels.

The benefits of using peels based on Bacillus Ferment and papain are, above all, safe exfoliation without significantly lowering the pH; improving the structure of the skin; slowing down the ageing processes; deep hydration and smoothing of the epidermis; elimination of pathogenic, harmful bacterial flora; narrowing the pores, reducing the number of blackheads and preventing the formation of new ones. Stimulation of fibroblasts and stimulation of the synthesis of supporting proteins and creation of a protective bio-coat on the skin surface.


Apply the peeling evenly to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Leave for 15 minutes. Based on the peeling, BioLift Massage lifting facial massage can be performed.

After this time, wash the preparation with water.


Capacity: 100ml

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