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Clarena Sleeping Energizing Collagen Night Mask 1pc

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 Creamy Energizing Night Mask is a luxurious skincare solution specially formulated to rejuvenate tired and dull skin.

This mask is specifically designed to address the needs of tired, grey skin, providing a revitalizing boost during your nighttime skincare routine.

One of the key benefits of this mask is its ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins responsible for maintaining the skin's elasticity and youthful appearance.

By promoting the production of collagen and elastin, this mask helps to improve the skin's overall firmness and elasticity, effectively reducing the signs of fatigue and aging. In addition to its collagen-boosting properties, the mask also delivers deep and intensive hydration to the skin.

Dryness and dehydration can contribute to a dull and lackluster complexion, but the moisturizing ingredients in this mask work to replenish the skin's moisture levels, leaving it plump, supple, and beautifully hydrated.

When applied as part of your nighttime skincare routine, the Creamy Energizing Night Mask works tirelessly throughout the night to revitalize and rejuvenate tired, grey skin.

Wake up to a more vibrant, refreshed, and glowing complexion, as this mask works its magic to restore vitality and radiance to your skin.

Active ingredients:

Sunflower vegetable oils. These nourishing oils have excellent emollient properties, helping to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier on the skin's surface. They also possess smoothing qualities, helping to soften the skin's texture and promote a more radiant and smooth complexion.


Application :

Spread some mask in the evening on the cleansed skin of face and neck, leave it over night till completely absorbed.


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Professional Only No
Manufacturer Clarena
Product Line Liposom Certus Collagen
SKU 5902194813143
Product Code SZ11820
Expiry Date 28/01/2027
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