Clarena Sensitive Regen Complex Serum for Mature Skin 10x 3ml

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Powerful concentrate of meticulously selected vegetable substances with an exceptional synergistic action, specifically designed to deliver comprehensive care to sensitive and mature skin.

Crafted with the utmost precision and care, our elixir harnesses the potent essence of Cantella Asiatica, a prized botanical known for its abundant bioflavonoids.

These bioflavonoids play a crucial role in accelerating the synthesis of collagen, the building block of youthful and supple skin.

By stimulating collagen production, our serum effectively promotes skin elasticity and resilience, leading to a visibly firmer and smoother complexion.

Serum is enriched with  Cantella Asiatica extracts to strengthen and seal capillaries. This means enhanced blood circulation and reduced redness, providing a soothing sensation to your delicate skin.

The overall result is a more even-toned and radiant complexion that glows with natural vitality.


Enriched with the incredible benefits of Ginseng, another botanical gem, this serum takes skin care to the next level. Ginseng, renowned for its anti-aging properties, invigorates the skin's cellular renewal process.

By stimulating the turnover of skin cells, it helps to shed off old and tired skin, making way for fresh and rejuvenated skin to emerge.

Furthermore, Ginseng's exceptional prowess in neutralizing harmful free radicals helps shield your skin from external aggressors, effectively preventing premature aging and preserving its youthful allure.


As we strive to provide comprehensive care, our serum contains an infusion of Soya proteins that your skin will wholeheartedly embrace.

These proteins offer a profound nourishing experience, as they are effortlessly assimilated by the skin. By deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin from within,the skin become pampered and revitalized. T



Apply to cleanse skin of face, neck and cleavage and massage in. Serum can be used with ultrasounds or iontophoresis(-).

Capacity: 10x3ml

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