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Long 4 Lashes FX5 Serum Stimulating Eyelash Growth 3ml

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New and improved FX5 Formula.

FX5 Serum makes eyelashesstronger, thicker and visibly longer.

You should use Long 4 Lashes FX5 serum if:

* Your eyelashes are short

* Your eyelashes are naturally weak

* Your eyelashes have been weakened as a result of extension or chemotherapy.

Capacity: 3ml

The secret of the FX5 serum is a state-of-the-art active substance considered to be one among the most effective hair-growth stimulating compounds in cosmetology.

Did you know that an average lash lives only three to six months, then falls out? What is more, lashes grow solely within the initial thirty days!

It acts actively throughout the whole life cycle of an eyelash, stimulating its growth and increasing number.

Serum stimulates hair growth over the total life cycle and positively influences:

  • eyelash length and thickness
  • eyelash quantity
  • eyelash condition and strength
  • eyelash natural colour

You need only one brush stroke to cover eyelashes. One pack is ample for the entire treatment.
The serum is provided with the brush-applicator. Apply the serum with one stroke using the brush-applicator on the clean, dry skin of the upper eyelid on the lash line.

Apply each evening. Don't use inside the eye and also the lower lash line. Serum is incredibly efficient: just one 3ml package provides roughly six months of daily use, which is the complete treatment.

You can safely use the product if:

  • you wear contact lenses
  • on extended and thickened eyelashes
  • on permanent make up
  • on henna eyelashes
  • when on chemotherapy treatment*

*please seek advice from your doctor

After three weeks you see the difference.
After six months you gain a brand new gaze.

After 3 weeks of normal use your eyelashes become stronger and more manageable. To observe the complete result of lash thickening and prolongation, a whole six-month course of treatment should be performed. In order to maintain the result, you must apply serum 3-4 times per week after the treatment completion

How to apply Long 4 Lashes FX5 serum?

  • Remove the make-up. Apply serum with one stroke of a brush applier on the clean and dry skin of the upper eyelid on the lash line or on the eyebrows. Apply nightly. Avoid applying to the inside of the eye and on the lower lash line.

When will the first effects be discovered and how to keep them?

  • The first results, as well as lash strengthening and increased comb ability, will be determined after three weeks of normal use. To enjoy the total result of lash prolongation and thickening the complete six-month course of treatment should be conducted. To maintain the results following treatment completion, the serum should be applied three to four times per week. 3ml packaging suffices for 6 months of daily use.

Can the serum be used on permanent make-up

  • Yes, although it's suggested to have a 2 week break between the permanent make-up application and the commencement of Long4Lashes FX5 serum treatment.

Can daily make-up be applied throughout the treatment?

  • Yes, since the serum is applied nightly on a clean, dry skin.

Is it possible to perform lash henna during the treatment?

  • There aren't any contraindications.

Can the serum be applied on extended eyelashes?

  • Yes, the serum doesn't dissolve glue.

Do lens wearers could use serum?

  • Yes, the product may be utilized by lens system users. remove the lenses before application.

Can Long 4 Lashes FX5 serum be used by pregnant or breast feeding women?

  • Because of too little research the product isn't recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding ladies.

Can the treatment be used by people in chemotherapy?

  • The product has not been tested on individuals during therapy. It's therefore suggested to consult a general practitioner before commencing the treatment.

What is the product's shelf life?

  • The opened packaging of the serum should be used within six months.
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