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Neoderm WhiteControl Cream Against Discolourations with Whitening Complex 50ml

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The cream reduces discolourations of various etiologies - acne, hormone, sun and age. Reduces the intensity and number of existing discolourations, prevents the formation of new hyperpigmentation and unifies uneven, overly yellow and earthy skin tone.

Intended for: skin discolouration, skin with pigmentation

The skin regains its smoothness, fresh and healthy appearance and even tone - it looks much younger and full of „brightness”.

Active ingredients:

3% Melavoid™ - Natural depigmentation substance from the roots of Boerhaavia diffusa, which reduces the synthesis and activity of the tyrosinase enzyme. In addition, as a result of the reduction of protrusions (dendrites) of the pigment cells, it reduces the transfer of melanin to the epidermis.

Effect: lightening and prevention of pigment accumulation in the epidermis, guaranteeing a more homogeneous and subdued skin tone.

2,5% Tego® Pep 4-Even- Protected by the patent Tetrapeptide-30, which intelligently influences the mechanisms of the formation of inflammatory pigment changes.

Effect: Reduction of redness and brightening of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4% White mulberry, 4% Bearberry




IMPROVED ELASTICITY:+19,3% after 6 weeks 19%

BETTER HYDRATION:+25,6% after 6 weeks 26%

*Measured using a Multi Dermascope MDS 800, based on a group of 12, after 3 and 6 weeks

~Regulation of melanogenesis processes

~Lightening of stains and discolourations

~Preventing the accumulation of melanin in the epidermis

~Equalizing the skin tone in a uniform and homogeneous manner

~Refreshing the appearance of tired skin Protection against photo-ageing

~Improved collagen synthesis and wrinkle reduction

~Strengthening blood vessels

~Inhibition of melanin migration from melanocytes to the epidermis

~Removal of yellowing and earthy skin tone

~Moisturising and regeneration

NEODERM dermocosmetics are created based on liquid crystal technology, allowing the use of DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) liquid crystal emulsion. DMS is completely biocompatible with the structure of human skin and it smartly recreates the lamellar system of the intercellular lipids that protect the skin against dryness and excessive trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Liquid crystal emulsions are based on lipids that are identical to epidermal lipids, while the unique technological process leads to even better and deeper absorption into the skin of the remaining active ingredients in the cream. Liquid crystal emulsions also guarantee incredible pleasure from daily care routines – the creams are light, spread and absorb easily, giving the skin a silky-soft and velvety feeling.

NEODERM is a brand of dermocosmetics developed by Norel Dr Wilsz Laboratory, a company with over 50 years of experience and tradition in production of cosmetics. Laboratory specializes in skincare products with high concentration of active ingredients. This is why our products are known as very effective and have gained customers trust in 30 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1961 by pharmacist. Over the years, Laboratory has received many recognitions and awards for its contribution to science and pharmaceutical practice. For the past 35 years the company is managed by Dr. Krystyna Wilsz - biochemist by education and passion. Dr. Wilsz has expanded company from pharmaceutical field to professional cosmetics for beauty salons and SPA.

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