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Norel Professional Hyaluron Plus Hyaluronic Moisturising Tonic 500ml

Professional Use Only

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Alcohol free, moisturizing tonic is intended  for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated.

It contains ingredients that regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, making the skin less oily.

Perfectly tones, moisturizes and soothes overactive skin. It does not cause the epidermis to tighten or dry out.

After using Norel Hyaluronic Plus Hyaluronic Moisturizing Tonic, the skin is delicate, fresh and slightly brightened and mattified.

Hyaluron Plus is a real SOS for dehydrated and dry skin. Unique, velvety textures and fresh fragrance provide extremely pleasant application.



Hydroviton® Plus (Sodium Hyaluronate, NMF, Saccharides):

Sodium Hyaluronate: A potent humectant that attracts and retains moisture in the skin, providing intense hydration and plumping effect.

Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF): Components naturally found in the skin, including amino acids, peptides, and minerals, which help maintain hydration and skin barrier function.

Saccharides: Sugars that have hydrating properties, helping to replenish moisture levels in the skin and enhance its natural barrier.

Ceramides: Lipids that occur naturally in the skin's outermost layer, they play a crucial role in maintaining the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss, and protecting against environmental aggressors.

Allantoin: A soothing agent with anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes skin healing, reduces irritation, and helps soften and smooth the skin's texture.



Tones, Refreshes, and smoothes the Skin: Enhances skin texture and appearance by tightening pores, revitalizing dull skin, and promoting a smoother complexion, imparting a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Actively Moisturizes and Protects the Skin Against Water Loss: Provides long-lasting hydration to the skin, preventing dryness and maintaining optimal moisture levels, while forming a protective barrier to shield against environmental factors that can lead to moisture loss.

Soothes Irritations: Calms and alleviates skin discomfort, including redness, itching, and inflammation, promoting a more comfortable and balanced skin condition.

Restores the Natural pH of the Epidermis and Prepares the Skin for Further Care: Balances the skin's pH levels, ensuring it is in its optimal state for effective absorption of subsequent skincare products, maximizing their benefits and improving overall skin health and resilience.



Apply the tonic to a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin.

Capacity: 500ml


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Professional Only Yes
Manufacturer Norel Professional
Product Line Hyaluron Plus
SKU 5902194140904
Product Code PT206
Expiry Date 28/10/2026
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