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Norel Professional Pearls and Gold Vitalizing Cream with Colloidal Gold 150ml

Professional Use Only

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Vitalizing  and  firming treatment for all skin types, after the age of 50 in need of regeneration. Excellent also as a „banquet” treatment.

Cream effectively improves firmness and skin tone, shapes and improves the oval of the face. Smoothes and brightens providing a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Cosmetics from  the Pearls and Gold line are rich  in colloidal gold, extracts with pearls and algae and hyaluronic acid. 

An excellent make-up base, it revives tired skin, providing an instant optical effect of smooth and radiant complexion.

Used regularly, the cream improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Formulated with carefully selected active ingredients, it demonstrates exceptional anti-wrinkle properties. The skin becomes smoother and softer to the touch.


Key ingredients:

Pearl Extract: Derived from freshwater or saltwater pearls, this extract is valued in skincare for its high content of amino acids and minerals. It is known for its illuminating properties that can brighten and add a subtle glow to the complexion.

Colloidal Gold: Fine particles of gold suspended in a liquid solution, colloidal gold is used in skincare for its perceived anti-aging benefits. It is thought to stimulate the skin, increase its elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RonaCare® VTA (rutin, vitamin C, hydroxyproline): A proprietary blend that combines rutin, a plant pigment with antioxidant properties, vitamin C, which supports collagen synthesis and skin brightening, and hydroxyproline, an amino acid important for maintaining the stability and quality of collagen in the skin.

Abyssinian Oil: Extracted from the seeds of the Crambe Abyssinica plant, this lightweight, non-greasy oil is rich in omega fatty acids and is known for its excellent moisturizing properties. It is easily absorbed by the skin, promoting softness and luster without clogging pores.

Sodium Hyaluronate: The sodium salt form of hyaluronic acid, this ingredient has a lower molecular weight than standard hyaluronic acid, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin. It is highly effective at hydrating the skin by retaining moisture, leading to a plumper, smoother appearance.

Mica: A naturally occurring mineral, mica is commonly used in cosmetics for its shimmering properties. It reflects light, thereby reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines, and adds a radiant glow to the skin.


Effect for the skin:

Improved firmness and tension: Enhances the firmness and tension of the skin, leading to a more defined and contoured facial appearance.

Face contour modelling: Helps in reshaping and defining the facial contours, providing a more sculpted look.

Improved skin tension and reduced wrinkles: Increases the tension of the skin which helps in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

Long-lasting smoothness and hydration: Delivers deep hydration to the skin, maintaining its smoothness and softness over time.

Improved skin color: Enhances the overall skin tone, making it look more even and vibrant.

Intense refreshment, eliminate signs of fatigue and stress: Revitalizes the skin, reducing signs of tiredness and stress, resulting in a more refreshed appearance.

Slows down ageing processes of the skin: Contains ingredients that help to slow down the natural aging process of the skin, maintaining its youthful appearance longer.



Apply the cream into the skin of face and neck in the morning and evening or at the end of beauty treatment.

Capacity: 150ml


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Professional Only Yes
Manufacturer Norel Professional
Product Line Pearls and Gold
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Expiry Date 28/01/2026
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