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Norel Professional Pyruvic Acid 35% Pyruvic Acid Lactic & Azelaic Acid 50ml

Professional Use Only

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Gel exfoliator is indicated for oily skin with impurities, acne blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Ph 1.3

Capacity: 50ml

Exfoliation treatment based on 35% pyruvic, lactic, and azelaic acid at pH of 1.3.

It allows you to carry out from the surface to medium-deep peelings.

It provides antibacterial and sebostatic effect, exfoliates and smooths the skin.

Lightens discolouration of the skin and provides „brightness”.

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin - the skin undergoes remodelling, becomes firm and „compact”.


Ingredients: pyruvic acid (22%), lactic acid (10%), azelaic acid (3%); pH 1.3.



• provides superficial or medium depth peeling action

• has a strong bacterio- and sebostatic

reduces seborrhoea, comedones and papules

• peels off the skin, refines enlarged pores and minimizes scars

• lightens hyperpigmentation.


Treatment Suggestions

  • seborrheic and polluted complexion
  • acne vulgaris in active and blackheads phase
  • enlarged pores, acne scars, pigmentation
  • excessive keratinization of the epidermis
  • wrinkles, loss of firmness, the first signs of photoaging

Treatment Results

  • antibacterial effect, speeds up the healing of acne breakouts
  • strong sebostatic effect - reduced seborrhea and „shine” of the skin, normalized 
  • secretion of sebum 
  • brightens and evens the skin tone and gives the skin a fresh „brilliance”
  • exfoliated, smoothed and improves the structure of the epidermis
  • reduced enlarged pores and acne scars
  • regulated excessive keratinization of the epidermis
  • smoothed wrinkles and gently tightened skin


Treatment Contraindications

  • allergy  to any of the active ingredients present in Norel cosmetics
  • damaged skin, immediately after waxing
  • active herpes, viral warts
  • local and oral retinoid therapy
  • psoriasis, the tendency to the formation of keloids
  • avoid any pigmentation spots during the treatment
  • pregnancy and lactation

Treatment Suggestions

As a series of 4 - 6 treatments, one treatment per two weeks.

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