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Norel Professional Whitening Cocktail Tetrapeptide-30 and Melavoid Sonophoresis and No Needle Mesotherapy 30ml

Professional Use Only

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Gel cocktail for sonophoresis and mesotherapy for the complexion with discolourations such as post-acne, hormonal, that arise with age and under the influence of excessive sunbathing.

Whitening treatment is an advanced whitening of hyperpigmentation of various etiologies, using modern depigmenting substances - Melavoid™, Teptrapeptide-30, vitamin C AA2G™, white mulberry, bearberry, niacinamide.

The treatment starts with exfoliation with 50% acetic almond + PHA.

A series of treatments provides spectacular effects - inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase, which reduces the formation and accumulation of melanin in the epidermis.

The skin regains healthy, „luminous” look and distinctly brighter.

Capacity: 30ml

Main Ingredients:

TEGO® Pep 4-Even, Melavoid ™, white mulberry, bearberry, AA2G™ (vitamin C), niacinamide.


• blocks the synthesis of tyrosinase - lightens hyperpigmentation of various etiologies

• reduces the intensity and number of spots

• prevents accumulation of pigment in the epidermis

• Provides radiant, glowing and fresh-looking complexion.


Treatment Suggestion

* any kind of complexion with a problem of persistent discolouration and spots of various etiologies - Scarring (acne), hormonal (chloasma) resulting from the excessive tanning and aging of the skin (lentigo)

* uneven, too yellow, sallow skin colour

* discolouration coexisting with couperose complexion

* prone to irritation and inflammation of the skin

Treatment Results

* visibly brightened and evened the skin tone

* reduced intensity and size of discolourations and spots

* reduced excessive yellow, sallow skin colour

* reduces the formation of new hyperpigmentation

* soothed irritation and redness,

* strengthen blood vessels

* rejuvenated and smoothed the skin

* leaves the skin „luminous” and radiant

* declared effects include a series of treatments with daily care and UV protection

Treatment Contraindications

Allergy to any of the active ingredients present in Norel cosmetics contraindications typical to acid exfoliation (retinoids, herpes,viral warts, skin damage)

Treatment Frequency

As a series of 6 - 8 treatments, one treatment per week

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Professional Only Yes
Manufacturer Norel Professional
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