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Purles 60 G-Peel 40% Deep Exfoliating Solution pH 1.5 100ml

Professional Use Only

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Purles 60 G-Peel 40% is a sophisticated skin care solution designed to address aging concerns.

With its deep exfoliation properties, it penetrates the papillary layer of the skin, stimulating regeneration and reducing signs of aging such as fine lines and discoloration.

Glycolic acid as strong anti -aging effect. It changes the skin structure stimulating the creation of new cells, collagen fibers, and the hydrating glycosaminoglycans, as well as activates the processes of damage regeneration caused by UV radiation.

The acid eliminates discoloration, improves the condition of the skin and its density by dissolving the intercellular bonds. In addition, it reduces small scars and inflammation marks.


Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid: At a potent 40% concentration with a pH of 1.5, this key ingredient deeply exfoliates and promotes the formation of new cells and collagen fibers.



This product is indicated for those seeking to improve their skin's structure, diminish discoloration, and enhance overall skin density and condition.


Consistent use of Purles 60 G-Peel can lead to a noticeable reduction in signs of aging and a clearer, more rejuvenated complexion.


How To Use

After cleaning, degreasing the skin and protecting sensitive areas, the peeling is applied with a swab or brush to the more resistant areas of the face to the most sensitive (forehead, cheeks, sub maxillary regions, chin, upper lip and nose).  It should be applied quickly, in 15-20 seconds, and uniformly throughout the treatment area. It is generally recommended for 3 to 7 minutes or until the desired result has been reached, a light redness without frosting. Neutralize the skin with water and then Neutralizing Lotion. Product can cause itching/tingling.


Not suitable for overly sensitive skin or individuals prone to allergic reactions from glycolic acid.


Capacity 100ml

Note: May cause itching or tingling sensations. Neutralizing Lotion is recommended after application.

More Information
Professional Only Yes
Manufacturer Purles
Product Line Acid Peels
SKU 5902706290608
Product Code PP0060
Expiry Date 28/07/2025
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