Norel Professional Whitening De-Pigmentation Cream with Whitening Complex 125ml

Professional Use Only

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Norel Professional De-Pigmentation Cream With Whitening Complex is a elvety cream for all types of complexions with discolourations such as post-acne, hormonal, that arise with age and under the influence of excessive sunbathing.


Whitening treatment is an advanced whitening of hyperpigmentation of various etiologies, using modern depigmenting substances - Melavoid™, Teptrapeptide-30, vitamin C AA2G™, white mulberry, bearberry, niacinamide.

The treatment starts with exfoliation with 50% acetic almond + PHA.

A series of treatments provides spectacular effects - inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase, which reduces the formation and accumulation of melanin in the epidermis.

The skin regains healthy, „luminous” look and distinctly brighter.

Capacity: 125ml